Sunday, December 30, 2007

thursday hot ish: cube!

thursday is the easiest day for posts
since its just plain random hotness.
for me, a top 5 mc that isnt mentioned
on ALOT of hip hop media "lists" is ice cube.
"gangsta rap made me do it"
in this video, ice cube does it again.
his hew stuff takes it back fo sho.
"jackin' 4 beats"
such a kick ass jam.
cube tears it down on the emcee tip.
a snapshot in time with these beats.
"who's the mack"
a video that matches the storytelling.
kinda rare these days.
or how about storytellin' in general.
"are you the one being played like a sucka?
or are u the one sayin' get a job muthaf-----!!"

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