Sunday, December 30, 2007

wednesday influence: the now!

these are all kinda sites i check out when i remember.
wednesday will be dedicated to stuff that helps me get thru the day,
and inspire the next project.
heres some photo sites i check out often:
- cool city night shots,
most of the shots take me back to my nyc trip in '05
- great storytelling type images.
it's definitely something i want to aim for in the next couple of years.
i'm still trying to find my subject matter.

here's something wacky.
these guys posted the new rbk jerseys before they were out.
they do alot of cool stuff.
as a designer i apprieciate the attempt
at weird and radical things they do.
nhl tounament of logos
- i love hockey logos.
i should say sport logos in general.
maybe not the recent ones as much,
but this site has alot of new designs
and "what if" situations.

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