Sunday, August 10, 2008

final slaying!

above is the piece almost done
and a final version of the piece.
now started a second one,
found out the paper is actually bigger (27 x39 and not 22x35).
fits in an ikea frame perfect.
and u can see the 360 controller in there for size comparison.
also got some frame for my adam hughes prints...
gotta take a couple of pics of those kick ass covers.
almost done soul calibur 4 story mode with all characters.
been playing the crap out of that lately,
gotta move towards some arcade mode and hit up the online.
on some ufc ish,
st. pierre kicked ass, but i wish he could have finished the fight.
overall good card, good action throughout.
even though there were fights that went the distance,
all of the fights were entertaining.

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