Wednesday, August 13, 2008

must resist!

damn bionic commando rearmed just came out for xbla.
damn i wanna play it,
but ive been on a roll drawin these days.
o well i gots the weekend to mess around.
but i gotta resist downloadin it and ruining
good drawing and reading time.

i think im on session 3 of drawing,
and im about 5% done this new piece.
this one is goin slower since i havent
found that crazy theme that
flow right out of the pen
for hours.
ive had some experiments throughout the
first drawing, where i was buzzed,
no music, listening to stern....
and i think it works best when,
i pencil a little buzzed....
then listen to stern while inking....
and letter while listening to tunes.

damn i gotta get mo beers.

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