Tuesday, October 27, 2009

another randomzo!

continuing on with the randoms.....
i liked the light in the original ref,
so i decided to draw that....
pretty close to finishing off the ink...hope to post on thursday.
next up after this....hmmm....
i bought a darkstalkers tribute book,
and i might draw my version of a darkstalkers char,
or i might still go with the orignial plan of cammy from sf4.

im now over 9000gp
im on my way to g-2A (which is at 10 000).
over 1700 matches, and i still suck ass.
o well, thats what i get for picking a lower tier character.

currently playing:
street fighter iv (xbox 360)
borderlands (xbox 360)
dirt 2 (xbox 360)

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