Tuesday, October 20, 2009

another random!

another random piece....
thought id show some new drawing,
but a little bit of process...
(only a little)
so... i went over to imdb,
saw a shot of some show
'lipstick jungle' (what the eff?)
and drew
lindsay price.
in hindsight,
i should have picked a picture with a better facial expression,
or glasses, or more interesting hairstyle,....
but fuckit!....just gotta finish anything right now!
at this point im pretty happy with what i gotz,
and im gonna move straight into final ink.
ill square out the bottom,
and make a funky outline shape on the top,
to make a cooler sihlouette.
at this point ive worked on it about 70 min-ish?

outsville...more later.

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