Sunday, June 06, 2010


some notes form the past couple of weeks:
saw epmd! (that show was the shit)
they played all of the hits!
'plug one, plug two, plug three, potholes in ya chest LETS GO!!!'

im now over 4000bp
and over 300 matches online
as cammy in super street fighter iv.
its pretty weaksauce score,
but ill slowly climb the ladder.

on some other shit,
im back into my vinyl and scratchin again.
im finding some hot joints i forgot i bought
when i first came to vancouver.

funkdoobiest: freak mode/the funkiest 12"
masetro frersh wes - let you backbone slide 12"
ice-t - power/girls l.g.b.n.a.f. 12"
m.o.p - 10 years and gunnin LP"
kool keith - varoom 12"
jimmy spicer - bubble bunch/dollar bill yall 12"

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