Sunday, July 18, 2010


havent been around for a while...
i was concentrating on my final training to the half marathon.

whats happened in the last little while:
im 2/3s thru my 2010 goal.
ran a 10k! (53min!)
ran my first half marathon! (2h 01min!)
now its time to train hard to the full.

after running the half,
i realized i have to:
1. train harder.
2. diet harder.
3. try to adapt to this new lifestyle.

on some other shit,
i got some MAJOR scores on the vinyl tip:
salt n pepa - tramp + remix/push it 12"
(creme de la creme of finds, original pic sleeve)
das efx - mic checka + remix/jussumen remix 12"
capone n noreaga feat tragedy khadafi - l.a. l.a. marley marl remix 12"
steady b - going steady LP
common sense - ressurection + extra p remix 12"
gravediggaz - diary of a madman/constant elevation 12"
cam'ron - s.d.e. LP
cam'ron - 357 12"
tim dog - fuck compton 12"
n.w.a. - express yourself 12"
m.o.p. - bloody murder/nine and two clips 12"
dr dooom - first come first served instrumental LP (aka oh shit!!)
oh yea, and a extra big fuck you to all haters.
and on that note,
i leave u with:
black sheep - for doze dat slept
the game - soundscan (aka the best g-unot diss)

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