Sunday, August 08, 2010


been concentrating on the running so...
no real stuff to post.
i am now up to 22.5 on my longest run,
and will move up to 27 next weekend.
then another 27 the next weekend,
then move up to 30ish.
also dropped 19 pounds in 6 weeks.
puttin in that work!
on the drawing tip,
ive added n.w.a, ice t, and started on the geto boys....
ill try to post a photo soon.
its getting harder to cut down on what i want to throw in there.
currently listening to:
fat joe - the darkside volume 1 LP
n.w.a. - straight outta compton LP
n.w.a. - elif4zaggin LP
marley marl - in control volume 1 (deluxe version) LP
slum village - villa manifesto LP
the roots - how i got over LP (shit is HOT!)
few know about where that sample
'block rockin beats' comes from.
word to philly,
schooly d featuring t la rock on the intro - "gucci again"
the original gucci time was so ridiculously dope.

theres few rap songs i can rhyme start to finish.
but i can say, audio two, top billin' is up there.
i have never seen a crowd this hype.
milk dee could have left the stage and they would still rhymed the whole song.

hmmm... i will have to post my all time party/club favorites
(that i can rhyme to)

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