Sunday, November 07, 2010

(ric flair) woooooooooooooooo!

i finally decided to collect some pics laying around and post em....
im still a little bit ahead of the latest pic here,
but not that much further.
today i signed up for a 10k and a half in february so im gettin hype for that.
it has been slow on the drawing for the last couple of months...
but the itch is coming back.
i figure as soon as i sit down and draw,
ill be in the zone for a long time.
(hopefully finish this bitch off)

in a change in posting hip hop vids....
i loves me some street fighter.
in these 2 matches ive posted:
are some wicked commentators,
with crazy hype matches.
tinshi (the commentator) gets so hype on a mid tourney match.
not to many commentators actually talk about momentum and get this hype.
3:20 of the second vid is a crazy air parry (with cross up?).
also rockafeller (the commentator) is legend in sf third strike videos.

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