Sunday, December 26, 2010

finishing strong!

one of the most important things i learned this year
is finishing strong.
its really easy to go hard at the beginning of a run,
drawing session, year,
....or whatever.
its real easy to give up on goals dues to fatigue, distractions,
injuries, real life shit, ...or whatever.
one thing that can make up for all of that? just finish.
finish anything.
finish first,
finish last,
just finish.
and if you have swagger, style on em...
finish strong.

right now im in the middle of a '96 mindstate.
i remember giving up my '96 christmas holidays to draw.
im blasting tunes, trying out some fun stuff with markers,
and just drawing. (and running hard)
im pounding out this drawing and hope to start 2011
on number six. LETS GO!

currently listening to:
digable planets - reachin' LP (where im from is the jam!)
digable planets - blowout comb LP (may 4th the movement is my shit!!!)
ghostface killah - apollo kids LP
(new far its i-ight, track with black thought is dope)
kanye west - college dropout LP
(old kanye = classic, new kanye = meh)
too short - shorty the pimp LP
(too short is so underrated. in the trunk = bonkers)

forget the other verses...skip to 2:32 RAEKWON BLEW SHIT UP!!!
too bad he cut it off because that verse was ridiculous.
the slang + the flow + the description was off the hook!
reminds me of classic rae. rainy dayz remix with classic ghostface!

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