Wednesday, December 29, 2010

five times done dealzo!

i powered through,
and finished this bitch!
time to pull out another clean sheet and start number six.
the possible themes:
fighting games
(because im in the video game industry,
and ill do what i want)
or another off the top freestyle.
ill take the next 2 days to decide
and mess around with more marker drawings.

peace to my peoples in calgary,
ken kabaam, GRILLZ, chad, + triple-triple og thugz online.
i got my recharge in cgy! (in early dec)
time to rep cowtown,
in van to the fullest!

peace to all my peoples out there!
i see new art/schtuff from u guys all the time,
and it keeps me goin!

(don't you think i see what you are up to?
i look out there and see alot of my peoples doin inspiring things all the time!)
make moves in 2011 biatch!

currently playin:
call of duty: crack ops (xbox360)
3x prestige son!
super street fighter iv (xbox360)
playin as deejay (main), cammy (now secondary), cody (testing out)
juri (testing out) and t.hawk (another random pick)
nba jam (xbox 360)
finished classic campaign! rakakakakakakakak! ooooo in yo face!

currently listening to:
the clipse - lord willin' LP (grindin'!!!)
krs-one - return of the boom bap LP (outta here!!!)
de la soul - stakes is high LP
ice cube - death certificate LP
big l - lost freestyles 1 + 2 LP

1 comment:

Jeff Spokes said...

Looks amazing Rob, maybe the best one yet. Hope you go with the video game fighting theme on the next one.