Tuesday, February 14, 2012


for the first time in a loong time,
i posted something i just finished.
i really want to make an effort to do this more,
just to keep myself busy.

this took me...
2-3 hours total?
but spread out since sunday night.
i just gotta pound out more of them,
and keep trucking on the big drawing as well.

listening to:
tyler the creator - bastard
kam - neva again
phonte - charity starts at home

pulled out the kam album while diggin in my cds.
there was only a couple of tracks that kicked ass on it....
but damn,
those two tracks kicked so much ass.
one was 'peace treaty'
and the other was:
kam - still got love 4 um
i wonder what happened to storytelling in rap?
or storytelling over a dope ass, soulful beat.

speaking of soulful,
out of all the new rappers out,
i really enjoy phonte (of little brother, aka tigallo)
this song is like the old school duo rhyming
like epmd...

phonte feat. median - eternally yours (produced by khrysis)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

wow you really are talented
i'm an architecture student so i appreciate art by default :p
wishing you the best