Sunday, May 20, 2012


been super buzay lately. 
ive got ^this^ done in the last little 
while which shows
how much craze is goin on right now.

im glad that my life has changed so much in the last 7 years. 
before i would just live at work, 
and i would be buzy from that.

but now its more about expanding horizons, 
and living life. 
 im so happy right now, 
and appreciative that im wasting less time in my life. 
that said, im trying not to whine or shit on anyone out there. 
times get hard, 
and people need positivity rather bullshit these days. 
why add to the hate train? 
shout outs to peoples that are still down with me. 
its SUPER EASY to be "out of sight, out of mind" 
but my true peoples stuck around and put up with some shit. 
also, i hopped off the facebook train 
and onto the real life experience train. 
im glad to see someone i havent heard from in a long time. 
i dont want to know all the shit they 
are up to before that. 
when i see em, 
i have something to talk about. 
and they have experiences to share. 
and ill keep it that way. 
i loved me some facebook back in the day to connect with old friends, 
and i am thankful for that... 
but time to keep it movin. 

 currently listening to: 
cam'ron - crime pays lp 
cam'ron - king of ohio mixtape 
commmon - ressurection lp 
juelz santana - from me to u lp 
tribe called quest - midnight marauders lp 

currently playing: diablo 3 (mac) 
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360/ps3) 
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox 360/ ps3) 
king of the fighters 13 (xbox 360/ps3) 

currently LEARNING: 
final cut pro (mac) 
- multicam editing 
- basic editing - compound clips 
- adding and converting all formats and putting into one file 
adobe after effects (mac) 
- basic editing 
- importing photoshop files and animating

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