Sunday, May 06, 2012

le sigh!

first off, rest in peace adam yauch.
so bummed that cancer has taken so many people,
waaay too early.
something in the food in north america!
hope his family stays strong.

for me:
 my first cassette tape was licensed to ill.
my first 2 cds ever were licensed to ill and mama said knock you out.
those 2 albums got me through high school and college.
ive bought every beastie boys album at least 3 times.
am i a fan? kinda.
damn im bummed out.
its funny how last sunday
i was listening to that mick boogie mixtape,
and now mca is gone.
i spent the last couple of days listening to my rare vinyl,
and albums while drawing.

i gotta say,
i was looking forward to the next beastie project...
or hoping they would release hot sauce pt. 1.
my top 5 albums:
check your head
ill communication
the mix-up
hello nasty
to the five boroughs

my top 5 tracks:
so what'cha want
sounds of science
multilateral nuclear disarmament
get it together
jimmy james

while collecting my vinyl to take the pic above,
i forgot about how much exclusive stuff they had.
and if you are wondering,
YES i tried to buy everything in doubles.
(its a dj thing)
last month i found 'the mix-up' on vinyl,
which was the last full length album i needed.
now time to find a double!
(same for 'to the five boroughs')
love american style, was cool and had super rare shit...
b-sides galore.
i was a proud owner of a shitload of singles
and exclusive japanese versions of albums.

for 'ill communication' LP i gotz:
ill communication cassette
ill communication cd north america
ill communication cd japan (which had a shitton of extra tracks)
ill communication cd north america #2 (cause the first one was so scratched up)
ill communication vinyl
ill communication vinyl #2 (always get doubles)
ill communication cd remastered (which had all the remixes)
get it together single cd
get it together single cd version 2 (had other remixes)
sabotage single cd
sabotage single cd version 2
get it together single vinyl
sure shot single cd
sure shot single cd version 2
root down single cd
root down single cd version 2

and thats how it was FOR EVERY ALBUM.
i have lots missing,
and would like to get them all...
damn they cared for fans.
extra stuff if you really looked for it.

but to see someone its tough.
i felt this way when jam master jay went.
another legendary group that will not be the same.

yo shout out to mca.
ever listen to an album and know exactly where you were when you first heard it?
ill communication - was skipping high school,
walking home with my yellow sports walkman blasting that shit.
a week later i got accepted into college.
i blasted that album that whole summer in celelbration.
alot of aa batteries were killed.
'the annoucement' in '09
electric worm from 'the mix-up' WHICH WAS HELLA SLEPT ON
and "bodhisattva vow" which is not a single, but i wish is was.

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