Monday, August 13, 2012


productive today!
i find life goes in cycles.
i had a major revelation yesterday,
and realized something major.
life changing.
i can recall major life changes like
moving to the three cities i moved to.
but also it was
finding running and yoga,
realizing myself through work and self reflection,
and lots of thinking.
all of that stuff has been valuable in my life,
but one of the most valuable lessons ive learned
this weekend was:
getting rid of the word "try".
 its the hardest thing ln life to do.
(at least for me)

my tendencies
(if you havent noticed)
is to start a whole bunch of shit and not really finish.
im not sure what it is that makes me stop.
but im determined to figure it out.
switch it so that my projects are smaller
and more managable with the time that i have.
i think im going to switch it so that i have more mangable pieces.

the project i have going on are not going to stop.
instead im going to do smaller versions of each
so that it is easier to copmlete.
once again im trying to achieve too much in so little time.
currently listening to:
vado - slime flu lp
large professor - professor at large lp
masta ace inc - slaughtahouse lp

wack list 2012:
rick ross - god forgives, i dont lp
nicki minaj - roman reloaded lp
drake - take care lp

not to really hate on new rap....
but damn. they are making coaster rap right now.
large professor featuring cormega and tragedy khadafi - focused up
so ridiculously hype.
i love the deeper cuts on albums that not really talked about.
masta ace featuring eyecyurock, uneek, lord digga + dj premier- saturday night live
masta ace featuring paula perry, mc negro, ignorant mc - slaughtahouse
so dope.
it basically called out the crazy murder rap of the times.
hall of fame rap for sure.
up there with my other 'ignorant' personal favs:
j-zone - 5 years
black sheep - u mean im not

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