Sunday, August 26, 2012


didnt really posting last week... been grinding on drawing, 
and life! 
the summer has been good, 
and i just need to stay in the moment. 

above is some random stuff.
i decided to draw on this comic pad i had
for the longest time.
i always wanted to make my own comic cover,
so here goes!
i think i will either:
a) redraw with better proportions and inking
b) redo in illustrator + colors!

i really want to get better with vectors in general,
so i think imight go in that direction.
im having fun just fucking around with drawing in general.
also have been getting inspired by
some artists on behance and dribble.
(cant forget to shoutout cghub and deviantart)
maybe ill post some of my faves on here on the next post to show
what i am looking at!

as i sit here,
im waiting through 2 tornado warnings
2 flood warning throughout the day.
the sky is BLACK.
yo damn.
but shout outs to random east coast weather.

been listening to:
m.o.p. - first family 4 life lp
 jay-z - the blueprint 3 lp
jay-z - in my lifetime vol 1 lp

fart projectz:
scarlet photoshop (about to be deaded, not happy at all with results)
batgirl cover (moving to step2)
videoz (still thinking about format, had to reedit a couple of times due to crashes)

one of my favorite 
jay-z/dj premier tracks - friend or foe '98
nas/dj premier - come get me
"if you ill come get me
cause i aint runnin
if your gun's off the hook
then we both be gunnin"

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