Saturday, October 06, 2012

yo o's!!

was goin nuts last night....
won some tickets from work for game one ALDS vs. the yankees,
but would only get to go if they beat tha texASS rangers last night.
i love cheering for underdogs and smaller team markets.
texas had thier glory last year,
now hopefully its baltimore's time.
what a grind....
it sucks that after a 160+ game season it comes down to 1 game.
and it also sucks that this coming series is a best out of 5.
i am going to be goin nuts tomorrow night.
the crowd will be amped.
well, maybe i will get on tv? haha probably not.
damn i am so hype.

growing up...i could give 2 shits about baseball.
but i remmeber my dad being into japanese baseball,
and couldnt get it.
but now that i am here,
espn constantly running stats and basically teaching me the hype about the game,
and help but go nuts.

its like tsn and sportsnet constantly showing nhl shit.
i miss hockey,
there is no coverage here
 thus no one cares.

ahopefully tomorrow during the day ill jump back to drawing again.
been off the train being bummed out,
but i think ive snapped out of it.
im ready run game and wreck shit.
time to step up the game and get buzy.

rare dj premier...
teriyaki boyz - you know what time it is
just the beat, even though i liked how the boyz rocked on it.
just good to vibe to while running
or on a bike ride.


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