Friday, September 28, 2012


ive been down and bumming out
for the last couple of weeks,
real life happens sometimes.
not to worry,
i recognize these things alot faster than 5-6 years ago,
and i attack these things alot faster.
im now back on the positivity tip.
 im ready to turn things around and kick ass once again.
sometimes it is tough to get through
or figure out life in general...le sigh.

not to worry, ive snapped out of that shit...
im back on my grind and inspired to
continue on my projects.

(ill post something this weekend!)

now playing:
borderlands 2 (xbox 360)
(playing as siren)
tekken tag tournament 2 (xbox 360)
(trying to get good with lili and nina)
torchlight 2 (pc)
(playing berserker)
 now listening to:
g.o.o.d. music - cruel summer
common - the dreamer, the believer

fart projects:
random drawings
video edits (lots of rearranging)
i found common's first album,
and now on a common trip.
below is my favorite track off the last album:
common - celebrate
(i think about this when i reach home,
or probably when i get back to van.)

and another all time fav,
common featuring lauryn hill - retrospect for life
so much soul in this one,
it is missing in this bullshit rap thats going on right now.
sucks that common wasnt in cruel summer more what the fuck.

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