Sunday, January 06, 2008

monday illin': past and present!

no images today...
or maaybe this week.
i gotta bust a move and start finding new shooting spots.
and start posting drawings for the year.
i think this might work out to force me
to post super fresh drawings
and photos.
heres some illustration links:
found this while looking at alot of bruce timm stuff.
maybe about '02-'03,
i was looking at alot of this stuff
...i still love it.
i like looking at old flash style tattoos.
found this while looking for mike giant stuff,
and he was in juxtapoz alot.
i think i first saw this guy in captain america comics
when i first came to vancouver.
my drawing style changes depending on what i look at.
2 years ago i was looking at cassaday, renato arlem,
john van fleet...realistic with flavor flav.
tomer hanuka makes dope illos.
he is illustration right now.
everyone and their mama is trying to mack his style,
but yo....he is the only
"tru o.g. pimp hustla gangsta playa
hardcore muthaf**kah living today."
(saw the opening to throw in an ice-t album quote)
big trend to use light line work,
+ digital transparent colors,
really muted color pallettes.
i guess its the new chrome + airbrush
(as it was for the eighties)
for the times.

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