Monday, June 02, 2008


i have a sickness starting sunday night wtf.
no photos for today, i gotta edit a whole buncha photos.
which is long overdue.
lets see what went down over the last little while.
wednesday and thursday was movie watchin....
(some old kevin smith movies...a good laugh)
friday was a cool party and dancin'...
(which was hella fun, havent done that in a looong time)
saturday was hangover city, shopping, and elite xc on cbs...
(which was good and bad)
sunday was hangin out at the arcade, wec 34, and sukiyaki...
(which was tasty, havent had it since '99)
today is sick city, which now thinking back,
i probably got from the arcade..oof.
btw, after burner was cool, metal slug 6 is dope as f.
next, i gotta try tekken 6 and drum mania.

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