Wednesday, June 04, 2008

sick 2!

havent been to work for now a couple of days....
i *think* im passed the worst.
now the coughing is starting to develop,
and hopefully im over this tomorrow.

thanks to the flu im now finished gta4!
65.93%, over 30 hours...been a long time.
last mission was tough, but i served dat ass.
bored out of my mind im working now on assassin missions,
chasing criminals, and flying choppers.

do i try to finish to 100%? meh.
excellent game, worth the time.
i think they could have knocked off 5-7 hours,
and still have a great game.

"shook ones part 2" - mobb deep
one of my all time favorite songs.
im no gangsta, but this song takes u into that world.
the hook, the beat,
theres so many samples
off p's verse,...out of control.
the second vid:
"survival of the fittest" - mobb deep
'the infamous' lp was classic.
just another dark ass beat,
queensbridge represent!

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