Monday, June 09, 2008


finally over this flu crap.
and now for a buncha random shit.
finished gta 4, and half way thru ninja gaiden 2.
saw kung fu panda on friday,
and did some drinkin over in yaletown.
so now im over the limit on movies for the year wtf.
saturday i saw homeboy sung and j-yo frum tha e...
ufc was questionable on saturday afternoon.....
saturday night was art show opening which was i-ight.
sunday was triathlon day and i took a shit load of pics,
but most of the pics turned out like ass.
ill post tomorrow, if i get to editing.
sunday night was a yum yum chinese dinner.

now what?
the week is kinda open....
how do i change things up from the regular blahzay blahz?
weekends seem to be full of activity....

and now....
the best diss recorded on wax.
'second round k.o.' - canibus
canibus won the battle in my eyes.
l.l. was never the same since canibus tore a new
asshole into l.
not alot of rapper say who they are battling,
and go this deep into the personal history.
ass kicked around the block 500 times over.

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