Saturday, September 13, 2008


had problems with internet at home for the past 2 weeks,
but thats small time news.
to sum up the last little 2-3 weeks....
nolan was in from australia,
(word up, havent seen him for a couple of years)
then virg was in town for a weekend,
(kick ass weekend, had fun just lampin')
saw chris rock,
(he destroyed, very refined set)
then warren was in from tha e,
(word up, havent seen him since i bailed from there)
then virg was back in town on labour day weekend,
(yup yup, did some explorin round town thx to the gps unit)
then mike was in town for a week and we went to
(got some sweet ass kicks, pho and kick ass clothes)
the gorge ampitheatre for the 'rock the bells' hip hop festival.
(which rocked, props to tha cool kids ^above^)
while that was goin on i had some freelance jobs i had to squeeze
in there, so i couldnt do much on the big drawing front.
im ready to chill the f out this weekend.
rock band 2 is out sunday,
and im ready to just cool out with that.

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