Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back on the grind!

yep yep,
its back to the grind for many different things in my life.
i decided i want to run the half marathon next year (the bmo one)
and run 2 10k runs (sun run and nike run).
saturday was the first day of punishing training.
the aim: (eventually)
4 yoga sessions in the morning,
4 short 7k runs after work,
+ 2 longer runs on the weekend (anywhere from 10-21k)
with friday as my day of rest.
time to get serious and really lose this weight.
right now,
im at 3 yoga sessions in the morning,
1 short 7k run after work,
and 1 10k run on saturday.
time to let the beat build...biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!
(to quote lil wayne).
im back to regular drawing sessions,
and im around 30% done.
currently listening to:
lil wayne - the carter 3
the game -lax
de la soul - mosaic thump
beastie boys - check your head
gang starr - daily operation/hard to earn

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