Monday, September 15, 2008

monster meals!

a classic drink, and a classic meal.
cheese ramen? (kintaro ramen - robson + denman) gotta try it once.
that was tasty.
some other memorable meals good and bad:
the diner dog in edm (wish i could remember the bar)
(hot dog injected with cheese, wrapped in bacon and the whole thing is deep fried).
im a sucker for ultimate flavor/grossness/food.
marco's double burger (marco's burgers - whyte ave edmonton)
double cheese burger, milkshake and fries (peter's drive in - 16th ave calgary)
(sounds normal but it not, me)
any specialty roll + spicy salmon roll (kadoya sushi - davie + thurlow vancouver)
(word to roll combo g)
fajita (monster) burrito (vallarta's - renfrew + broadway vancouver)
damn i love food wtf.
i gots to upload the photos off my phone and show off some of these monster meals.

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