Thursday, February 26, 2009


damn ive been sick this week.
not able to do much for the first couple of days.
now getting over the hump,
im able to do a bit of drawing then
go back to the couch and watch a movie.

im now up to 30 wins on the ranked wins (about 1100 battle points
in street fighter 4.
moving on up!
heres what ive learned so far:
1.dont fierce uppercut on wake up.
2.throw one crouching jab punch or eat lots of pain.
3.block after knocking them down.
4.there are lots of ken ryu and akumas online. patient, and time out if u have to.

i also broke my hori ex2 arcade stick so
im in the middle of modding that bad boy.
its going to be a mutant, but i do what i gotta.
controllers suck to use when playing sf4,
but im learning how to calm down,
and rely on other moves to win.
pokes rule!

anyways enuff ghay sf talk,
im 5000.

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