Tuesday, February 10, 2009


heres the drawing as of early last night.
i think i already need to do a sequel for this theme
since i dont think it is hitting its mark.
but, im having fun just clowning around.

ordered some gear last night (uh oh)
in preparation of sf4 (how gay is that?).
gots me the official street fighter iv guide book WITH frame data!
(if u dont get what the hell that is, then this book is not for u)
also oredered a 2007 martin parr book called "small world".
(kick ass street photography, or at least i hope so).
also got an epmd, gangstarr and yo! mtv raps shirt on the way WTF!

pete rock & cl smooth -
"t.r.o.y. (they reminisce over you)" w/"the creator"
these two tear shit down.
mecca and the soul brother will get some spins this week fo sho.
i wish pete and cl would get back together and make some soul type shit.

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