Thursday, February 05, 2009


here's the drawing as of tuesday night.
im a little bit farther than this,
and hope to get finish the corner this weekend.
hope i can squeeze in some gaming in,
but somehow i dont think so.

im watching old episodes of yo! mtv raps...
damn that show was the shit.
which got me to listen to golden era jams.
busta rhymes - the awakening (his first solo)
was the sheeit, and underrated.
and the first erick sermon solo album...damn!

oh and its 12 days to street fighter 4 on consoles.
the countdown continues.

listening to:
dj rectangle - vinyl combat
dj revolution - wake up show archives vol 1-6
hip hop nation (on sirius radio) - leo g/gmixx

oh and below is some coolish mike k sent to me....
damn i gotta get one of these machines for my turntable sessions.

below that is a hip hop classic:
blahzay blahzay - danger
'when the east is in the house, oh my god, DANGER!'
danger part 2 is gangsta too.
'now im gonna show ya how the east coast rocks'

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