Thursday, July 02, 2009

4000 plus!

forgot to mention these photos are from my d70s
that has come back to life!
is the drawing almost at its current state.
time to get summo drawing in,
and hopefully get this done in 2 weeks!

got a long weekend coming up
(thanks to canada day)
and im ready to go back into photo mode.
hopefully there will be some cool events to check out.
(but i imagine most of the canada day stuff would
have happened last weekend or on wednesday).
the current plan is to find some industrial parks
with graffiti and take a buncha shots of that.
also hit da beach,
and get alot of reading in.

on some other ish:
i passed 4000 on my street fighter gp (grade points)
on championship mode.
its really a crappy number considering,
to get into the upper tiers,
u have to be over 10 000 gp.
oh well, time to level up!

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