Thursday, July 30, 2009

too hot!

this is the hottest summer ive had in a long time.
i cant really do anything outside, or sleep that well.

but since it is so hot outside,
the only thing i can really do is draw, read or watch tv.
(something with minimal movement)
^this^ drawing is coming down to the final stretch.
i just have the top left side and the bottom corners.
hopefully be done this weekend. (50-50 chance)

i cant wait til rock the bells this weekend...
should be hella hawt. 9 hours of hip-hopness
looking forward to seeing common, pete rock and supernatural.

currently playing:
king of fighters xii (xbox 360)
street fighter iv (xbox 360) 5400 gp!! g2 grade c
marvel vs. capcom 2 (xbox live arcade)

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