Tuesday, June 09, 2009

number 4!

been a long time,
but i hope to post now on a more regular basis.
(for reals this time)
the reason for NOT posting is
because of my computer is sooo sloow.

anyways i started on drawing number four.
im having alot more fun with this one over the other ones.
the size of the characters and also a new plan of attack
should be fun for this one.
im going to make some smaller drawings,
and....color them?
gonna give it a shot,
lately ive been into markers again.
there was a big sale over at the art
store and they were blowing out tria markers.
i also plan to get a set of copic markers (wtf).
who knows if this fad will die out like it did during college,
but im giving it a shot.
i didnt think id get back to drawing on a regular basis....

but here i go again....

1 comment:

Jeff Spokes said...

Nice work Rob, always motivating to see your drawings.