Tuesday, June 16, 2009


because i forget these things....
the company i work for made a little game called
punch-out!!! for nintendo wii.
the game is baller!
and a throwback to the classic punch-out.
im happy to have worked on it for half a second,
and pumped that its finally out for people to enjoy.
(sorry for the late notice).
on the
punch out website!
im happy that my pixelated loading character made it on there.

before i start posting the next set
of images from the seattle comic con,
ill throw up a current state of the drawing
ive been working on.
im starting to draw more animals.
so far: a dog, pidgeon, and a cat.
next up: maybe a bear, squirrel, an eagle.
this drawing is turning out alot better than
the last one...im thinking of actually redoing the last one.
(even though im already 60+% done that one)

currently listening to:
damien marley - welcome to jamrock (my summer anthem for 08)
cam'ron - crime pays
jeru the damaja - the sun rises in the east
krs-one - return of the boom bap

currently playing:
street fighter iv (xbox 360) currently at 3405 gp
raiden fighters aces (xbox 360)
punch-out!!! (nintendo wii)
ufc 2009: undisputed (xbox 360)
call of duty: world at war map pack 2 (xbox 360)

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