Thursday, February 26, 2009


damn ive been sick this week.
not able to do much for the first couple of days.
now getting over the hump,
im able to do a bit of drawing then
go back to the couch and watch a movie.

im now up to 30 wins on the ranked wins (about 1100 battle points
in street fighter 4.
moving on up!
heres what ive learned so far:
1.dont fierce uppercut on wake up.
2.throw one crouching jab punch or eat lots of pain.
3.block after knocking them down.
4.there are lots of ken ryu and akumas online. patient, and time out if u have to.

i also broke my hori ex2 arcade stick so
im in the middle of modding that bad boy.
its going to be a mutant, but i do what i gotta.
controllers suck to use when playing sf4,
but im learning how to calm down,
and rely on other moves to win.
pokes rule!

anyways enuff ghay sf talk,
im 5000.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


whoops, i had a bunch of time this week to post something
but i ended up playing street fighter 4 for most of it.
(and it dee-stroys)
above is the drawing at the beginning of last sunday,
and the end of last sunday.
got quite the chunk done,
and now it is goig to be tough to pull me away from the 360
to keep this moving.
not a big deal i guess, but it is effecting my posting to the blogzo.
during the week i also went to the kool keith concert,
which was totally kick ass.
ill have to post pics (if any of em turned out)soon.
and hmm....
i guess its time to go back to some street fighter biz-nitches!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


just bought house of the dead: overkill (nintendo wii)
pretty good for a wii title.
it 60 bucks (wtf),
but its better than most of the games out there on wii.
props to headstrong games for putting out a quality wii title.

when playing house of the dead,
it reminded me of the track below.
cee-lo before gnarls barkley, damn.
goodie mob - cell therapy
this track was that shizz back then.
good to have on your playlist when buckin fools down online.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


heres the drawing as of early last night.
i think i already need to do a sequel for this theme
since i dont think it is hitting its mark.
but, im having fun just clowning around.

ordered some gear last night (uh oh)
in preparation of sf4 (how gay is that?).
gots me the official street fighter iv guide book WITH frame data!
(if u dont get what the hell that is, then this book is not for u)
also oredered a 2007 martin parr book called "small world".
(kick ass street photography, or at least i hope so).
also got an epmd, gangstarr and yo! mtv raps shirt on the way WTF!

pete rock & cl smooth -
"t.r.o.y. (they reminisce over you)" w/"the creator"
these two tear shit down.
mecca and the soul brother will get some spins this week fo sho.
i wish pete and cl would get back together and make some soul type shit.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


here's the drawing as of tuesday night.
im a little bit farther than this,
and hope to get finish the corner this weekend.
hope i can squeeze in some gaming in,
but somehow i dont think so.

im watching old episodes of yo! mtv raps...
damn that show was the shit.
which got me to listen to golden era jams.
busta rhymes - the awakening (his first solo)
was the sheeit, and underrated.
and the first erick sermon solo album...damn!

oh and its 12 days to street fighter 4 on consoles.
the countdown continues.

listening to:
dj rectangle - vinyl combat
dj revolution - wake up show archives vol 1-6
hip hop nation (on sirius radio) - leo g/gmixx

oh and below is some coolish mike k sent to me....
damn i gotta get one of these machines for my turntable sessions.

below that is a hip hop classic:
blahzay blahzay - danger
'when the east is in the house, oh my god, DANGER!'
danger part 2 is gangsta too.
'now im gonna show ya how the east coast rocks'

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


no snow trucks
things are starting to pick up on the current drawing.
im finally getting into a groove,
and try to knock out alot of the bottom half this week.

currently watching:
(season premiere was i-ight)
(first four episodes are out of control)
celebrity rehab presents: sober house
(steven adler is out of control)
biggest loser
(very good season so far)