Friday, January 29, 2010

love out!

checkit, i added summo ish.
one of my favorite rappers of all time is cormega.
i added a title of one of his songs: 'love in love out'
it sounds like something u would write as a tattoo on a back.
since i have been looking at tattoo books lately,
i thought it would be an awesome line to throw on there.

to the left i am going to add more type.....
but what? hmmm.

i bought a copic airbrush yesterday....
ive never tried airbrushing (minus photoshop, that does not count)
but somehow i want to get back to traditional mediums and try it out.
soon i will post some of those disasterous drawings/hack jobs.

Copic's ABS DVD Series Promo from Pushplay Productions on Vimeo.

currently playing:
tatsunoko vs capcom (wii)
street fighter iv (360)
call of duty: modern warfare 2 (360)

(anytime cats are dressed up = awesome)

'next time you mention somethin bout me mention i aint fake'

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