Tuesday, January 12, 2010

torture attack!

added bayonetta to my drawing!
(how lame is that?)
been playing that over the weekend and it is the hot shit!
2010 starts off with a great game of the year candidate.
(until super street fighter iv comes out)
maybe ill add some torture attacks into the drawing as well.

onto some other ish...
if u dont know el mac, ... check it out right now!
i like the youtube vid of the mary image,
its now 'art' and not vandalism.
word to banksy.
on the music tip...
been back on the native tongue tip.
'boomin in ya
boomin in ya
boomin in ya jeep
or your honda
or your legend
or your beemer
or your benz
the rave of the town
so tell your foes and your friends'
q-tip and phife just blackout on this track,
one of my favorite tribe tracks of all time.
the de la soul track is one of my favorites because its with dj premier.
still kickin soulful rhymes to this day.
word to tribe, de la, black sheep, l.o.n.s...
shout out to rap with no bling,
and how many gunz you and/or your posse has.
on that tip, ill post my favorite gun tracks of all time.

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