Thursday, January 14, 2010


heres some of the new new.
i added gza cause i was listenin' to some wu-tang.
im also lookin at house industries lettering lately,
and some west coast tattoo lettering.
gonna add 'love in, love out' to the left of gza.

check it, heres my top groups with gatz, with a twist.
i picked my favorite tracks and not
neccessarily the most hardcore/gangsta ass tracks.

1.mobb deep

the easy pick would be,
mobb deep - shook ones pt. 2 (the best track for the mobb ever)
but im going to dig a little deeper.
front to back, 'hell on earth' lp was the shit.
but the final track was baller.
'mobb deep - apostle's warning'

2. m.o.p.

first off r.i.p. roc raida,
heres one of my favorite m.o.p. tracks, beat is ridiculous.
'x-ecutioners feat. m.o.p. - let it bang'
honorable mention:
m.o.p. featuring kool g. rap - stick to ya gunz
kool g. rap totally blacks out with the rhyme on this one.
(and with 99% of his tracks)

3. n.w.a

despite straight outta compton and gangsta gangsta,
i always had a place for epmd/tag team style rhymes
for a group with tonz o gunz,
one of my favorite trackz from these guys is this:
nwa - somethin' like that
'kickin' mucho ass'

honorable mentions:
geto boys - 'still'
looking for this video, i thought this was ridiculous,
but awesome at the same time.

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