Thursday, February 11, 2010


added an unlaced
superstar to the left,
and my homage to championship mode in sf4.
i have more street fighter ref coming!

olympics are tomorrow.
so blahzay about em, but i guess i should get hype.
(i guess ... yawn)
it wasnt like '88 in calgary where no one had anything better to do than to go to the olympics.
now in van, i think they picked a city thats too big.
we shall see tomorrow night should depict how the olympics will go.
nothing will even come close to the bejing openings...
but one can pray that vancouver/canada can bring it.
rumors round here is wayne gretzky will be the final torch bearer,
which would be a nice pick.
i dont know who else could do it.
calgary picked a random kid (which i thought was hella cool)
and who could possibly be shown as thee athlete for canada?
steve nash to wayne gretzky? hmmmm.

currently listening to:
gucci mane - the state vs. radric davis (wtf?)
capone n noreaga - the war report
lord finesse - the awakening
k-solo - let the world know ny name
epmd - business never personal
lemme say:
lil wayne - rebirth
is TRASH, fuck autotune.
and fuck kanye's last album.
stick to rappin!
leave vocoders to actual singers.
word to zapp + roger troutman!

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