Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hello nasty!

yes that is the new remastered hello nasty cd on the drawing.
wicked b-side instrumentals on there.
ive bought hello nasty...
2 original cds
(first one got so scratched up)
2 vinyl versions
(cause vinyl + doubles = dope as fuck)
and now the remastered version for the extra disc
(which is dope as fuck)
and yes, i kinda like the b-boyz.

and now... im past half way in the drawing,
which is awesome,
and i gotta keep grinding as olympics are goin on
(which is going to be tough,
i want to jump out and take a bunch of pics around town)

a random thought:
fuck the protesters (aka babies)
note to protesters: you are 6 years too late!
to me, to wait for 6 couch potato activist mentality.
to not get on the tv,
no protests at construction sites,
not actively believing enough in your cause
to fight it for 6 years. ...
all of these haters are lazy,
and recieve the f minus in LIFE.
also, no one really knows their message after all of this.
double f minus, an ass kick, and a titty twist.

on to some other shit:
too many rappers biatch!
+ turn the everything up!
+ a classic ludacris song!

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