Sunday, March 04, 2012

catch up!

catching up on drawing in general.
havent drawn in a while,
thanks to too many hobbies.

ive been learning final cut pro,
going to start after effects,
probably in the next couple of months.
gotta capture new video!
gotta get new photos!
gotta draw moar!
gotta learn the md/dc/va area!
gotta do amuricah!
gotta keep playing vid gamez!

currently listening to:
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 3
apathy - honkey kong
little brother - leftback
kool g rap - live and let die

ive added one of my favorite epmd tracks all time.
epmd f/ das efx - comin' at cha
the beat is real deal raw.
the raps is off the charts.

the second song is older cam'ron + vado.
ive been way into production from araabmuzik.
damn... dude is a beast.

the final vid is araabmuzik GOIN OFF.
insane on the MPC.

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