Tuesday, July 17, 2012

another summer post!

word on!

got some drawing done in the last little while.
been happy that i got some traction on that front.
also bought a new wacom tablet
(intuos5 sml)
need to get used to that since ive been on cintiq since i got to the states.
been sad for some of my homies who got layed off recently,
or had some serious shit go down in thier lives.
 i am thankful for everything i have,
but at the same time i know friends are bleedin out there.
if there is someone you know out there
that is hurtin,
just show some support.
people out there like to disappear when shit hits the fan...yo fuck that.
at the same time,
if you are bleedin,
shout out to your peoples for help.
sometimes people just dont know.
for example,
i dont live on facebook and twitter.
i like to holla at friends and see how they are for reals,
FUCK lookin at 1 sentence posts.
social media is...so cold.

on some other shit...
just bought nas - life is good lp today.
seems decent so far.
i liked the god's son album...
its not quite as good as the golden era stuff,
but nothing really is.

listening to the current list of rappers,
everyone seems wack as fuck.

 listening to:
nas - life is good lp
tyler the creator - goblin lp
prodigy - h.n.i.c. 3 lp
mobb deep - hell on earth lp
 funkdoobiest - heavyweight funk lp

diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox/ps3)
mortal kombat (ps3/xbox)

current fart projectz:
scarlet (gi joe) drawing - converting to b/w painting
short 2min time lapse drawing vidz

also to update on some video stuff,
it is still coming.
im still trying to figure out how to setup these vids.
basically ive got 8-10 1-hour sessions recorded.
i wanna speed them up and get them to....under 2min?
and maybe commentate over them.
i just have to come up with intro,
and maybe figure out how audio will roll.
ill continue to post progress,
and make this a real project.




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