Monday, July 23, 2012

brotherly love!

nothing really to post but an update! 

went to philly! it was awesome!
cheesesteak = check!
rocky statue = check!
rocky steps? = check!
good shit philly, got alot of fun footage,
hope to post it sometime.

on some other shit,
i got a rca video cord to usb hook up for my mac.
ive got a camcorder with some super old shit on there.
dating back to my college dayz.
would be interesting to see a young version of me and all the peoples i hung out with.
maybe i will surprize people and drop that shit one day.

below is my favorite track off the phonte album.
phonte featuring median - eternally yours

listening to:
tribe called quest - midnight marauders lp
mobb deep - the imfamous lp
mobb deep - hell on earth lp
public enemy - welcome to the terrordome 12" (got it in philly!)

diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox 360/ps3)
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 (xbox 360/ps3)

fart projectz:
new 52 wonder woman sketch
scarlet photoshop b/w
summer 2011 van vid
fall/winter 2011 bal vid
spring/summer 2012 bal vid
time lapse video logz
??ACAD 1997 throwback vid??
 shit i got too much on the plate,
but its better than not having ideas to do shit.

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