Sunday, September 02, 2012

chillin with moo cows!

swangs prized moo 
went to the state fair yesterday! 
finally took some photos and posted to flickr! 
had fun, not as much as the first time i went, but it was still fun.
im gonna try to find some of the other pics
ive taken over the past couple of years
and catch up on flickr.

i kinda thought my pics were ass,
(which is why i kinda fell off)
but now looking back...
its my shooting style and my subject matter.
 i still like my old photos,
even if some seem boring or too simplistic.
there is something to those photos for me,
that i dont see other photographers do.
so fuckit.
im gonna try to take more photos more often,
or at least post em more often than before.

heres the set:

currently playing:
civilization 5: gods & kings (pc/mac)

current fart projects:
batgirl cover (in illustrator?)
new face (in illustrator?
inks done, ill post tomorrow-ish?)
video editing! (final cut pro x)

currently reading:
eat to live by joel fuhrman (learning bout food!)
daredevil #17 (cause its mike allred)
before watchmen: dr. manhattan #1 (cause its adam hughes)
avenging spider-man #9 (cause its terry dodson)

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