Friday, September 07, 2012

good week!

holy shit im putting in work in illustrator!
i finished the black and white,
now its time to try....color?
how the fuck am i going to color this shit.

anyways...step one is done!
now off to the next step!
 time to put in work.

my shiny nickel process
fucks up my video editing,
but meh...
i always ride shit out.

currently playing:
 civilization v: gods & kings (pc/mac)

currently reading:
eat to live - joel fuhrman

this weekend is baltimore comic con!
im gonna check that out,
hopefully get some cool pics
and possibly some cool original artwork!

current project:
illustrator face stage 2 - color

 ive been on a hit squad fix.
been blasting epmd...and now k-solo.
the beats are so classic.
k-solo - i cant hold it back
moving form posse to posse,
im also listening to the altlantic/priority posse.
a bunch of audio 2, positive k and mc lyte
but this is super hype:
positive k - a good combination

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