Monday, March 31, 2008

just smart!

im done!
my street fighter image is done and sent to the powers that be.
im going to post that image tomorrow to spread out images for posting to this blog.
listening to j-zone monthly mixtapes,
ive been listening to this ignorant kick ass song by mc smart
called "just smart".
it has been on repeat 1 for the last month or so
because its a 90s rapper, who never really made it
but it has that 90s flow.
i love finding these old sleeper 'hits' (if u wanna call it that).
damn this stuff is hilarious.
(first ignorant kick ass verse)
im not too short
but i like to be like
tha man
i call the girls bitches and hoes
cause im a player
i only fucks for fun
i walk across the stage
holdin my big gun
its like a cannon
-----where the video picks up------
ready to explode
pimpin young freaks
so i can wear my gold
just like a gangsta
all the playboy kings
straight from down south
not cali or queens
i dont sell drugs
but im richer than you
crusin in a beamer down the avenue
with this dope sound
and hard ass bass
if a bitch sweats me
she get slapped in the face
cause im a mack daddy
i dont need no bitch
irritating me like a bad ass itch
so imma stomp her tramp ass
before she starts
im not too short
im just smart
im not too short
im just smart (x2)
damn thats pure hatorade for dat ass!
this verse is so over the top its awesome.
alot of people will hate this stuff,
but fuckit. i love nwa, geto boys, too short,
and all of those rappers who got to paint these
crazy stories of pimpin and playerdom.

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