Thursday, March 13, 2008


this is stage one of my crimson viper entry for a contest.
since the drawing ive fixed it quite a bit and im workin on the background.
below that is my new moleskine sketchbook,
and just general goofing around during breaks at work.
on some other ish:
im hooked on some old school r&b/funk right now.
foster sylver/the sylvers - misdemeanor
juicy fruit
kool and the gang - summer madness
maceo and the macks - cross the tracks
jimmy smith - root down
marlena shaw - california soul
charles wright - express yourself
this stuff is THE SHIT.
i wish i knew about this stuff earlier.
i dont know anyone who grew up listening to any of this.
to me, its so much more soul than todays crap.
i feel sorry for the kids who have to listen to this.
oh crap,.... i sound old.

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