Saturday, March 15, 2008

and then!

time to rest.
so lets review my saturday.
i ran for my 7k.
had a glass of water.
then i went a grabbed groceries.
then i went and got records (dope jackson 5, janet jackson, heavy d, young jeezy).
then i took pics of the protestors over at the scientology center (it's hubbard's birfday!),
then i went to the adidas store, where i got a dr. j jersey + celtics jacket (dope as f).

then i took some pics of the celticfest that took over granville for the day.
then i went over to the hat shop to grab a new crispy sf giants cap.
then i went to work, to work on what is now a big ass street fighter illustration.
then i got a buncha comics (including
my shatner book).
then i got my hair chopped at the
chop shop (nothing crazy like the pics).
then i went to
tha tomahawk fo suppah.
now im ready to fall over.

1 comment:

rawbean said...

Thanks for posting that picture of the "light fire" thing. I drove by a bunch of those in gas town and didn't catch it all. It doesn't really make sense....hey?