Tuesday, April 15, 2008

three fiddy!

350 posts already, whoa.
its tough, but it has been a good mental excerize
to at least try to come up with some crap 5 times a week.
alot of times its tough,
but i always feel better for coming back
and putting out a random thought for the day.

my random ass ish for today is:
greg nice.
mainly in guest spots for his voice and echo.
the first vid is - beatnuts feat. greg nice - 'hot'
one of the best chorus' ever.
no dancing around, it is what it is.
the second vid is - gangstarr feat. nice and smooth - 'dwyck'
ive posted this before, but fuckit,
i love this song. simple rhymes from greg nice,
but classic.
the third vid is - masta ace feat. greg nice - 'don't understand'
greg is a great hype man.
i would love to see this track live.
the fourth vid - beatnuts feat. greg nice - 'turn it out'
more beatnuts for datass.
i love the 12" cause the flip side is 'turn it out'.
both tracks are fun to try and beat juggle.

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