Tuesday, April 08, 2008

too short!

no drawings or photos in the last couple of days to post. wtf.
i started a concept for a drawing for the intro page of my website.
just an idea, see if i can work out a decent image tonight.

"i said beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitch!"
(str8 comedy)
i posted a little while ago,
a clip with j-zone rapping along to mc smart's
'just smart'.
it has a flow like the originator too short.
i listened to this during high school,
while listening to geto boys, public enemy and juice crew.
too short isnt for everyone,
but to me, everything up to the shorty the pimp album was the shit.
the sound was way different than the sample heavy east coast,
or l.a./compton sound.
too short brought oakland/bay area in the house.
the first video is 'in the trunk'
first rapper i heard talkin about the rap industry,
and tellin it like it is.
what the main purpose of the emcee should be.
(to get in the trunk).
the second video is 'i aint trippin'.
the vocal mix was low,
but this track was some oakland anthem stylez.
something to drive slow and lamp to.
the third and fourth video is 'freaky tales/freaky tales live'.
i like the live version of the track....
too short is the only emcee ive seen that can yell,
beeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiitch! and rock a slow ass tune.
other than ice-t, i think this was the only sex tales
ive heard at the time.
i would love to hear a track with
too short, kool keith, kool g rap and ice-t talkin bout sex.

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