Monday, April 07, 2008


weekend whipped by, cant belieeve its still raining!
heres the run down of the last three four days.
ran around stanley park again on saturday.
i ran a longer distance this time ,
and still knocked off 10 minutes, wtf.
also watched 'omega man' with charlton heston (r.i.p. what are the odds).
the movie was pretty cool, and had alot of the coolness of the 70s.
now i gotta watch 'i am legend'.
sunday i finished rock band guitar...but i gotta up the difficulty.
drums are hard as hell. my feet just do not compute.
i was suppose to clean, but procrastination rules.
and today,.....
got my ass kicked again this morning doin this yoga thing.
starting to like it, its hella tough.

and for a vid: (main source/large professor)
i think this is nas' first record,
guest starring on main source's 'live at the bbq'.
read the lyrics on the 'about this video'.
damn nas killed it.
the second video is main source - lookin at the front door.
when hip hop use to rap about real subjects.
something simple as boy-girl drama.
instead about rappin about how many chains u rock.
the third video is main source - a friendly game of baseball remix
another kick ass track that says something.
i used to tear up the intro on my turntable..
"aaaaaw a-a-a-aww-aw-a-aw-aw-aw-aw shit!"

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